2023 Tohoku and Hokkaido Tour Photo Gallery

Exploring Tohoku and Hokkaido with Tour Manager Janie Tomihara!

Our journey was a delight, with sunny Sendai days and delicious food. We savored gyutan (beef tongue) for lunch, even discovering that the soup contained cow tail – a unique culinary experience!

We climbed the stairs to Masamune Date’s mausoleum, enjoying the rewarding view. Then, a picturesque cruise through Matsushima Bay with islands of all shapes and sizes awaited us, along with an oyster feast. Our group’s record? 50 oysters!

Crafting our own Sasakama fishcakes was a hands-on treat.

Our adventure continued, exploring sites and savoring local cuisine. We visited the Iwate Tsunami Memorial Museum and marveled at the miracle tree that survived the tsunami.

At Lake Tazawa, we heard the legend of Tatsuko and got creative decorating Chagu Chagu Umako wooden horse dolls.

Our tight-knit group discovered surprising connections among themselves. It’s all about building bonds while exploring local sites and enjoying delectable food.

Cruising Lake Towada, admiring autumn colors, the Nebuta House Warasse with its float displays, and the mesmerizing night view from Mount Hakodate were all highlights.

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