"It's a Cruise with Non-Stop Travel"

Give the Gift of Travel

Whether you want to share Hawai‘i, Alaska, the Orient, or Las Vegas, Non-Stop Travel can show someone the world. For birthdays, anniversaries, grab bags, and/or graduations… give the gift of travel!

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Tour Free!

How do you get a FREE TOUR? Just put together a group of family members or friends, and you can earn a free tour! The number of people needed depends upon the tour operator and destination. Typically, you get a free tour for every 8-13 couples who travel together.

We take care of the details, and provide you with brochures and flyers. You provide the friends or family members… And you go FREE!

Group rates and free tours… you don’t want to miss the fun!

Where Do You Find A Group?

Sometimes in your own back yard!
We’ve had group leaders create a “block party” on 3-7 day cruises!

More typically, a group is made up of:

  • Friends traveling together
  • Business board meetings
  • Church members
  • Fundraiser groups
  • Club members
  • Hospital workers
  • Someone celebrating a special birthday or anniversary
  • Couple getting married & their friends/family