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Japan Land Tours from Honolulu, Hawaii

All-Inclusive Escorted Japan Group Land Tours from Honolulu, Hawaii

Non-Stop Travel offers a variety of complete vacation land tour packages to Japan from Honolulu, Hawaii.

Umi Jigoku, Beppu, Japan

Our all-inclusive guided tour packages include roundtrip airfare, hotel stays, meals, tips for local guides and drivers, and taxes and fees. We offer unique tour itineraries covering Japan’s seasons, special events and festivals, shopping, UNESCO sightseeing, and more! Check out our complete line-up of group land tours below, or speak to one of our friendly travel agents at 808-593-0700 to help find the best Japan tour for you.

Why travel to Japan on a Non-Stop Travel tour?

Enjoy the convenience and peace of mind in traveling to Japan with an experienced Non-Stop Travel Tour Manager.

A Hawai‘i-originating group offers the following benefits:

  • Pre-tour luncheon — meet your Tour Manager and fellow tour members
  • Sightseeing aboard private chartered A/C motor coach
  • “Whisper” wireless tour guide system — English narration directly to your ears
  • Experienced Tour Manager service from Honolulu
  • Bilingual licensed Tour Guide service in Japan, including leisure days
  • Carefully chosen meals with regional influences
  • Deluxe hotels and traditional onsen hot spring “ryokan” inns
  • Bus driver and Japanese tour guide gratuities, all taxes and fees included

Japan Land Tour Groups

Japan Holiday Illumination Land Tours from Non-Stop Travel

Japan Holiday Illumination Shopping Tours

Experience a holiday like never before with Non-Stop Travel’s exclusive Holiday Illumination Shopping land tours to Japan from Honolulu, Hawaii. Prepare to be captivated by the breathtaking wonder of dazzling illuminations and mesmerizing projection mapping shows at renowned destinations!

2024 Hokkaido Mahalo Shopping Tours

Japan “Mahalo” Shopping Tours

Celebrate our anniversary with us on a ‘Mahalo’ Shopping Tour, designed for those who love to shop and immerse themselves in Japanese culture. Pick your Japan destination from exciting options such as Tokyo, Kyoto & Osaka, Fukuoka, or Hokkaido, with the convenience of non-stop flights from Honolulu via Hawaiian Airlines.

Japan Summer Land Tours

Offering unique itineraries to help make your summer vacation a memorable and adventurous one. Enjoy Tokyo Disneyland with family and friends during the summer break. Or visit many of Japan’s famous locations and cities and indulge in authentic Japanese meals. Plus, engage in hands-on activities like sushi making, tea ceremonies, hot sand baths, and more! There’s so much to do and see!

Fall Japan Tours

Japan Fall Land Tours

Discover the breathtaking beauty of Japan in autumn with Non-Stop Travel’s captivating fall land tours, designed to showcase the stunning foliage, cultural highlights, and unique experiences of Japan during this enchanting season. Immerse yourself in the vibrant colors, rich traditions, and natural wonders of autumn with these thoughtfully curated fall Japan tours.

2024 Hokkaido Snow Festival Tours

Enjoy the wonders of Hokkaido in Winter! The Hokkaido Snow Festivals attract over 2 million people every year with its beautiful snow and ice sculptures, light and music shows, and delicious food and warm drinks. Non-Stop Travel will help guide you to these amazing festivals, including the Sapporo Snow Festival, Asahikawa Winter Festival, Sounkyo Ice Waterfall Festival, and more!

Japan Land Tours By Season

Spring blooms, Summer fun, Fall colors, or Winter festivals. Each season in Japan is unique and offers a variety of different activities and experiences.

Kitagami Cherry Blossoms, Japan

Spring Japan Land Tours

Tokyo Disneyland, Japan

Summer Japan Land Tours

Autumn in Arashima, Japan

Fall Japan Land Tours

Otaru Canal, Japan

Winter Japan Land Tours

Japan Land Tours By Destination

Find delicious food in the markets of Osaka, amazing onsens in Beppu, or exciting adventures in Nara. Each destination in Japan has its own story, culture, and adventures.


Japan Land Tours from Honolulu, Hawaii

Check out these popular Japan land tour packages!

Japan Land Tour Member Reviews

2023 New years in Japan – Ultimate School Break & Osaka Fukubukuro Shopping Tour Group
“Great trip. My family, especially the grandkids had a lot of fun. For some it was their first trip to Japan. They all said they have to go back again!" Clayton & Deborah, Honolulu, 2023 New Years in Japan, January 2023
2023 New years in Japan – Ultimate School Break & Osaka Fukubukuro Shopping Tour Group
“Non-Stop made this family trip something to be remembered and cherished. Cannot think of one thing that needs improvement. We are very thankful to Jo and all of you.” Brian & Jean, Honolulu, 2023 New Years in Japan, January 2023
Grand Ise Shrine, Japan
“Really enjoyed this New Years Tour with all the food! Enjoyed sushi making class and mochi pounding. Instructors were very energetic. Mochi tasting was a great experience. Gary, Honolulu, 2023 New Years in Japan Tour, January 2023
2022 Sado Island, Snow Monkeys, Hakone & Tokyo Land Tour, Japan
“Excellent tour - have been on many with several companies. This was one of the best. Itinerary with mix of activities and side trips was very well designed.” Phyllis, Wailuku, Maui, Sado Island, Snow Monkeys, Hakone & Tokyo, November 2022
2022 Osaka Kyoto Mahalo Shopping Land Tour, Fushimi Inari Shrine
“Thoroughly enjoyed the Kyoto Shopping Tour. Would like to do it again! In Kyoto for 4 days at an excellent hotel and location, made for an enjoyable time.” Richard & Natividad, Mililani, Kyoto & Osaka Mahalo Shopping Tour, November 2022
2022 Ultimate Tokaido Road Land Tour Review
“It was a great itinerary. We saw and experienced so many places, great choices. The fellow tour members made my trip fun! I would highly recommend this tour to “first time” visitors like me.” Angeline, Hilo, Hawaii, Ultimate Tokaido Road with Miyajima & Hiroshima Tour, November 2022
Hokkaido Highlights and Shopping Japan Tour
“This is my 4th trip with Non-Stop and I love traveling with this company. I even invited 3 families, my in-laws to join me and they like it very much. We can’t wait for the next trip.” Felix & Gliceria, Waipahu, Hokkaido Mahalo Shopping Tour, December 2022
The very best of Autumn in Japan
“Great! It was much more than I expected, it was fun and educational. Met a lot of great people” Janice, Pearl City, 'Mahalo' Shopping Tour, November 2022
Hokkaido Snow Festival Tours, Japan
"I just wanted to inform you that we had such a wonderful time on our Premium Hokkaido tour. The food, hotels and experiences were exceptional. My wife who is normally reserved with strangers enjoyed talking to Pali, Bryan (cameraman), Cora (tour escort) and local Japanese guides, Sasaki and Yuki. Pali and Bryan were charismatic and made you feel comfortable in front of the camera. They were astute in developing stories. Cora went the extra mile to make sure we were comfortable, and our needs were met. Sasaki and Yuki worked tirelessly in coordinating our arrivals at activities and hotels. They communicated clearly each day's events and itineraries and informed us of the amenities each hotel had. We are hooked on traveling with Doko Ga TV. Please send us any scheduled upcoming Doko Ga TV tours and if the stars align, we will be there. We are hoping to go to Europe in 2024. I would have loved to participate in the KSSK Perry & the Posse and Doko Ga TV tour to Japan, Okinawa and Taipei but we already had other commitments." Placido & Michelle, Premium Hokkaido Tour, February 2023
Hokkaido Highlights and Shopping Japan Tour
“Non-Stop Travel provided us with a worry-free trip to Hokkaido! Great Tour Manager, Tour Guide & Bus Driver! A truly wonderful experience – When can we go again!” Ms. J. Wong, Honolulu , Hokkaido Highlights & Shopping, October 2019
“We had a very memorable trip. The Japan itinerary was excellent. Experienced everything we wanted to do. This was the best Non-Stop Travel to date.” M/M R. Baligad, Mililani, Ultimate Tokaido Road with Miyajima & Hiroshima, November 2019

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