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Lets Go Fishing with Ben Wong

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Watch Ben Wong and friends as they catch and tag bottom fish on Maui in this new episode.

Episode 189

Christmas Island

Episode 181

Fishing on Christmas Island.

Episode 179

Boat fishing for ahi off of Kauai and Niihau with friends and more.

Episode 122

Kane’ohe Torching and Kaua’i Moi

Episode 175

Fishing with George Purdy on the Island of Lanai for a collapsible boat adventure! Plus fishing on the Big Island with Captain Tim Hicks and cooking with Chef Nico Chaize.

Episode 174

Join Ben Wong as we catch mullet and other fish by net at night in Kaneohe! Plus cooking and other fishing adventures in Hawaii!

Episode 168

Join our adventure as we bottom fish on the Island of Maui with friends, finding tako on Kauai, and cooking butter poached ono with Chef Koko!

Episode 148

Overnight round trip between Kaua’i and Ni’ihau.

Episode 145

This episode took us to the Sea Of Cortez in Mexico as we tag along with a few great friends for some fun fishing. Plus, cooking with chef Russel Siu of Kakaako Kitchen!

Episode 139

Moloka’i dunking + torching plus Lake Wilson, Oahu.

Episode 126

Las Vegas! Ben and friends go fishing in Las Vegas and visit other special attractions!

Episode 120

3 days of Big Island shoreline fishing for Ulua.

Episode 106

Over-Sized Sturgeon Sportfishing

Episode 72

Billfish On The Big Island

Episode 71

Big Island Family Fishing

Episode 93

Tagging Bottom Fish in Maui

Episode 66

Ayu Fishing Adventure in Upcountry Japan!

Episode 44

Fishing by Boat on Molokai, Mullet Fishing on the Big Island, and More!

Episode 36

Big Island Fishing with Friends

Episode 84

Adventures in Micronesia

Episode 70

Boat fishing off of Oahu


The Let's Go Fishing Show

Ben Wong

The Lets Go Fishing Show premiered in Hawaii in 1969. This weekly television program enjoys a multi-generational audience, many of whom are from families of fishers and are avid ocean resource users. LGF showcases the fishing disciplines and methodologies that have developed in the Hawaiian Islands. LGF also produces episodes from beyond Hawaii that celebrates fishing cultures from other parts of the world.

Since 2006, LGF has been produced independently by Ben Wong LLC. This production continues to receive the generous support of its audience, who routinely invite LGF to share in their fishing adventures. Episodes featuring Hawaii, Mexico, California, Tahiti, Alaska, Canada, Nevada, Philippines, Ariziona, Christmas Island, Washington , Guatemala, Oregon, Japan, and New Zealand have been done with the help of LGF viewer’s assistance.

Let's Go Fishing Kitchen

The Let’s Go Fishing Kitchen

The enjoyment of catching a fish can only be topped by the pleasure of having fresh fish on the menu. Episodes of the Lets Go Fishing Show conclude with seafood culinary demonstrations by Hawaii’s award winning chefs, with many of their recipes for “fishes on dishes” elevated to white tablecloth status.