2024 Grand Miyajima Tour Photo Gallery

Recapping the 2024 Grand Miyajima Tour with tour manager Gwen Macion!

Himeji Castle’s grandeur left us in awe as we basked in the beauty of cherry blossoms in full bloom. Hiroshima’s poignant sites like the A Dome and museum left an indelible mark on us. Rain came and went, but it couldn’t dampen our spirits. Miyajima greeted us with a stunning low tide, allowing us to walk out to the iconic Tori gate, followed by a delightful Kaiseki dinner featuring Hiroshima oysters at Iwaso Inn. Bonding over shared experiences, we’re becoming a tight-knit group.

Our adventures continued with hands-on experiences like making Momiji manju and trying our hand at wagashi. Despite a missed opportunity with the Miyajima Ropeway, extra shopping time was a welcome bonus. Zooming off to Kyoto on the swift Shinkansen, the Miyako Hotel’s convenience was a cherry on top, granting us more time for exploration and culinary delights. From crowded shrines to deer-filled Nara, every moment was very memorable.

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