DokaGa TV: Japanmania Binge-Watch: Tohoku & Hokkaido Week 4!

Week 4 of our Marathon is here and Pali Ka‘aihue and his DokoGa TV crew will take you on a virtual adventure through Tohoku and Hokkaido!

Doko Ga TV: JapanMania Adventures – Tohoku & Hokkaido Adventure!

Episode 1

Non-Stop Travel & Team Doko Ga TV arrives in Tohoku and travel through Sendai, Ishinomaki and work our way up North ending our day at the Chusonji temple and enjoying traditional kaiseki dinner.

Episode 2

The Hawaii 808 group got to make hand made nanbu-senbei; met the Golden Maiden, Tatsuko at Lake Tazawa; did some shopping and snacking in Iwate and ended our day with the beautiful views and cruise at Lake Towada.

Episode 3

We arrive at the top point of Honshu island, Aomori, and ventured through Hirosaki Castle and park. Next, we took the bullet train to Hokkaido and explored the port town of Hakodate. There, some lucky Non-Stop Travel volunteers took on Hokkaido King Crab!

Episode 4

We get to see the great seasonal colors at Lake Shikotsu as we made our way to Sapporo city. Pali introduces a very special ramen shop and our Non-Stop Travel group gets in some last-minute savory bites and shopping for some recommended 808 take-home goodies.

Stay tuned for next week’s videos!