DokaGa TV: Japanmania Marathon: Week 1, Hokkaido Snow Festivals!

Run out of things to watch on Netflix? Join us for the next seven weeks as we binge-watch every episode of DokoGa TV: Japanmania! Pali Ka‘aihue and the DokoGa TV crew will be your virtual tour guide every week as you explore the best of Japan together! Start watching below!

2019 Hokkaido Snow Festival Tour

Episode 1

Team Doko Ga TV in Hokkaido, for the 2019 Snow Festival! Pali arrived a few days early to be able to introduce a few Sapporo highlights: Sapporo Sake; the best seafood curry in town; Hokkaido Shrine; and introducing Hawaii’s own award-winning ice-carving team that represents the 808 every year at the snow festival.

Episode 2

The Non-Stop Travel group explores Lake Shikotsu’s ice celebration; took on amazing salmon “chan chan” and Hokkaido Crab; and enjoyed sweets, snacks and shopping in Otaru!

Episode 3

Pali and the 808 Hawaii Group experiences the Asahikawa Snow Festival; Sounkyo Ice Waterfall Festival and the East Hokkaido drift ice sightseeing adventure.

Episode 4

The frozen waters of Lake Akan are the site, both day and night for today’s Non-Stop Travel journey.

Stay tuned for next week’s videos!