Doko Ga TV at Deoksugung Palace, Korea

Doko Ga TV: 2022 Non-Stop Travel Familiarization Educational Trip

Watch full video episodes of our Doko Ga TV: 2022 Non-Stop Travel Familiarization Educational Trip

Episode 1

In this episode, the group starts a new journey to the Mie prefecture of Japan for a very special occasion. Once a year, Gene Miyake and the entire Non-Stop Travel ‘Ohana close the office doors and take off to another part of the globe for an entertaining and educational expedition such as meeting and eating with Japan’s famous Ama, female free divers as well as getting to see them in action, followed by a stop at world renown Mikimoto Pearl island and exploring beautiful Toba city.

Episode 2

On episode 2 of Doko Ga TV: JapanMania, our Non-Stop Travel Office ‘Ohana video diary series continues in Japan’s Mie Prefecture by diving into the wonders of Toba Aquarium, and then paying a visit to the iconic Ise Grand Shrine. The 808 entourage then heads to the Wakayama prefecture, where we visit the birthplace of shoyu and then discover the awe-inspiring and majestic Kumano Kanzan: three grand shrines.

Episode 3

The Non-Stop Travel Office ‘Ohana rounds out their FAM trip by exploring the sweet and sour goodness of ume, and taste testing Kīshū Ume no Sato Nakata umeshu (plum wine) and yuzu infused umeshu. Next up, we visit Kuroshio Market for an amazing fresh fish feast, auction and other savory seafood sampling goodness.