Doko Ga TV at Deoksugung Palace, Korea

Doka Ga TV: Japanmania! – 2019 Hokkaido Snow Festival Tour Video Series

Watch full video episodes of our Doka Ga TV: Japanmania - 2019 Hokkaido Snow Festival Tour

Step into the mesmerizing world of the Hokkaido Snow Festival with this season’s Doka Ga TV: Japanmania! video series! Join the Doko Ga team as they dive into the frosty fun, incredible ice sculptures, and cultural festivities that make this Japanese event an absolute winter wonder.

Episode 1

Team Doko Ga TV in Hokkaido, for the 2019 Snow Festival! Pali arrived a few days early to be able to introduce a few Sapporo highlights: Sapporo Sake; the best seafood curry in town; Hokkaido Shrine; and introducing Hawaii’s own award-winning ice-carving team that represents the 808 every year at the snow festival.

Episode 2

The Non-Stop Travel group explores Lake Shikotsu’s ice celebration; took on amazing salmon “chan chan” and Hokkaido Crab; and enjoyed sweets, snacks and shopping in Otaru!

Episode 3

Pali and the 808 Hawaii Group experiences the Asahikawa Snow Festival; Sounkyo Ice Waterfall Festival and the East Hokkaido drift ice sightseeing adventure.

Episode 4

The frozen waters of Lake Akan are the site, both day and night for today’s Non-Stop Travel journey.