Doko Ga TV at Deoksugung Palace, Korea

Doko Ga TV: Japanmania! Hokkaido Hou! Fall 2022 Diary Series

Watch full video episodes of our Doko Ga TV: Japanmania! Hokkaido Hou! Fall 2022 Diary Series

Episode 1

On this special preview episode, our 808 Non-Stop Travel group joins Pali in Shiraoi for indigo dyeing and then enjoy lunch at Sapporo Central Markets and a Doko Ga favourite, Kita no Gurume, for some of the best kaisendon seafood bowl and other goodies. Odori Park’s Autumn Festival caps off this episode with great food and drink in outdoor Sapporo city.

Episode 2

Our 808 Non-Stop Travel group shows off their inner Olympiad-like focus and fun in Hokkaido at Kitami Curling Hall. Dessert before your main meal? Sure, why not, especially at “Mama’s plus” sweets and soft cream cafe, followed by an unforgettable Kani Goten crab feast for lunch.

Episode 3

The Non-Stop Travel Doko Ga TV group visits Shiraoi’s UPOPOY Ainu Museum and Cultural Center and then head to the port town of Otaru for some snacking, sweets and syrups and then round the day out enjoying an amazing kaiseki dinner.

Episode 4

Our Non-Stop Travel got to experience a sake sipping and sampling extravaganza at Otaru’s Tanaka Shuzo sake brewery. Next, as we started to make our way east, pork buta donburi and tempura were on the menu for lunch at restaurant Poppotei, and our final stop was visiting Pali’s spirit animal, the great Hokkaido bear at Sahoro Bear Moutain, a wildlife habitat for Hokkaido’s brown bears.

Episode 5

The 808 Non-Stop Travel Doko Ga TV group made our way east, completing this tour’s travel through all four seasons on one tour! We saw vibrant colors and views on our way to Lake Mashu and then enjoyed Hokkaido’s best soft cream at the Okhotsk Drift Ice Museum, which prepped us for the winter snowy blizzard at Mount Asahi.

Episode 6

After last week’s episode, experiencing the snowy lookout at Asahidake, we start this episode with the floral beauty found at Ueno Farm. Next up, our NST 808 adventurers make their own Hokkaido ice cream and sundaes at Lake Hill Farms. Finally, we get an immersive and interactive lesson at Date sword making and indigo dyeing.

Episode 7

Our Non-Stop Travel group meet the charming, herding border collies of Boya Farm. On one of our free tour days, I take some of our 808 entourage to one of my favorite Hokkaido eating spots, Professor Maruyama Curry (AND we get a special surprise from two of our tour goers). Sweets and snacks are a must while in Hokkaido, so we headed to Sapporo city’s Shiroi Koibito Park.

Episode 8

We do a foodie recap of our Hokkaido video diary series! From seafood to softcream, Otaru street snacks to Sapporo’s Autumn Festival, this episode will make you hungry for Hokkaido goodies.