Doko Ga TV at Deoksugung Palace, Korea

DokoGa TV & Non-Stop Travel: Koreamania!

Full Video Episodes of the DokoGa TV & Non-Stop Travel: Koreamania! Series

Episode 1

Join us as we take you to the home of incredible food, spas, shopping, and soju! Team Doko Ga TV got to tag along with the Non-Stop Travel office ohana for their once-a-year enjoy, explore, and educate adventure in Korea!

Episode 2

Episode 2 of Koreamania! starts with an interview with Gene Miyake from Non-Stop Travel about the office’s annual trip and what makes Korea special. Watch the crew as they take you shopping at Lotte and Insadong’s Antique Alley, and more!

Episode 3

We continue our Korea’mania adventure with the delicious French cuisine of Chef Chang-Wook Chung, then check out the Vright massive multi-level complex full of VR experiences. And of course, more food with Don Lee!!!

Episode 4

Co-host Don Lee takes us around Korea where we check out skin care products and delicious treats at Amorepacific with actress/model Yunjin Park. Learn about authentic Korean dishes at the Food and Culturea Academy and watch us explore local restaurant Juban.

Episode 5

For our final Doko Ga TV: Korea’mania episode, we start off with Yongmun Galbi, one of the first Kalbi restaurants in the Yongsan area. Watch our shopping and eating adventure in Myeong-Dong and review Gomatei’s tasty ramen with Melissa Chang.