2023 Fall Gourmet Onsen Meguri Tour Photo Gallery

Just wrapped up our 2023 Fall Gourmet Onsen Meguri Tour with tour manager Lisa McKee! This group was truly a family, taking excellent care of each other while indulging in the serene onsens and relishing every delightful culinary experience.

Highlights include the breathtaking Izumo-Taisha, where we rocked our kimonos and explored the Adachi Museum & Gardens. Not to mention, our wow-worthy lunches and the unforgettable visit to the Sand Dune Museum with camel encounters at the Tottori Sand Dunes. And let’s talk about that incredible crab dinner – absolutely divine!

For a third of the group, it was their first time in Japan, and they absorbed every moment. The journey began with two scenic train rides from Osaka to Hiroshima, exploring the Peace Memorial sites. Then, a ferry ride to Miyajima Island, where they crafted delicious Momijimanju and savored a grilled oyster feast – a unanimous hit, even for those not keen on oysters!

The group expressed awe at the incredible experiences and sights they’ve encountered. Here’s to more magical moments and culinary delights ahead!

Explore more adventures in our photo and video galleries below!