2024 Cherry Blossoms Kwave & Drama Korea Land Tour Photo Gallery

2024 Cherry Blossom Kwave & Drama Korea Tour recap with tour manager Marie Kanealii-Ortiz!

Our tour started with a cool 57°F morning that warmed up to the delightful high 60s by midday, making our Cherry Blossom sightings even more magical. The day began with a leisurely stroll along the Cheonggyecheon stream, where we captured stunning photos and shared laughs. At the HI-KR Ground, we marveled at three floors of intriguing displays, including a memorable photo moment on a purple stairwell with the Lums, who jokingly claimed it as a prom photo.

Our journey continued at the historic Deoksugung Palace, where the gardens and Cherry Blossoms were a feast for the eyes. The uphill climb at Bukchon Hanok Village tested our endurance but also deepened our appreciation for the preserved homes there. A visit to the Seoul Medicine Museum intrigued our group, especially the pharmacists among us who explored the interactive displays on teas for different body parts.

Our culinary experiences on this trip were equally delightful. One meal offered a tempting spread of meats, cheeses, and customizable hot pots with noodles, while another treated us to delicious stuffed chicken soup and flavorful kimchi garlic sides. One memorable dinner became an interactive affair, as we crafted savory pork wraps and even ventured to taste live baby octopus pieces for those feeling adventurous.

From the historic Gongsanseong Fortress to the charming Nonaan Sunshine Studios, every stop added layers to our Korean adventure. While some of us opted out of activities due to weather concerns, the majority embraced every opportunity.

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